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The Team

The BharCap team has deep financial services expertise across various financial services sub-sectors and across multiple economic cycles as well as an extensive network of senior executives to drive sourcing and value creation.

Five of the BharCap founding partners worked together in the financial services group of Pine Brook Partners for several years before forming BharCap. Members of the BharCap team have been involved with investments totaling over $1.0 billion in numerous financial services companies dating back to 2004.

Bharath Srikrishnan

There are few things I enjoy more than partnering with smart, energetic CEOs. It creates a 1 + 1 = 3 equation. Combining great ideas and unique relationships to create value is an incredibly empowering and motivating experience.

We created BharCap to be different. Let’s face it, the world didn’t exactly need another private equity firm.

To a certain degree, all of us Americans are immigrants or the descendants of immigrants. My parents came here from India with little more than their educations (which thankfully were pretty good so we grew up middle class). I have a tremendous amount of passion and energy for helping people try and carve out their own piece of the American dream.

My formative years as an adolescent were spent as a competitive wrestler. As Mike Tyson says “everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Well, I can assure you that’s 100% correct. I think my time as a wrestler has helped me to build the mental toughness it takes to overcome adversity. Without these experiences, I don’t think I would have had the tenacity to start BharCap during the global pandemic, from my basement. I think mental toughness is more contagious than Covid-19, and if you spend time with our team, it’ll rub off.

Early in my career I was a co-founder and senior executive of a PE-backed start-up that completed a successful IPO. This experience gave me a profound level of empathy for the challenges of an entrepreneur. I think it is much tougher than being a private equity guy, to be completely honest. I think this empathy enables us to partner much more effectively with our management teams.

Professionally I have been fortunate to spend 20 years in private equity with some of the best firms in financial services. I’ve had great mentors. I’m currently on the Board of Fair Square, Sculptor, TRIA and United Auto Credit as well as the YMCA of Greenwich and the USA Wrestling Foundation. Aside from work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and three boys, obsessing over the Buffalo Bills and trying to fight Father Time with challenging athletic endeavors.

Ethan Wang

We are going to leverage our financial services knowledge, investment experience and management team relationships to make great investments and have fun while doing it.

My parents came here from China during the Cultural Revolution with just their education and work ethic. I never really appreciated how tough it was for them until I realized my dad, while in China, was sent to the countryside to be an electrician and had to obtain his college education by reading textbooks at night. The opportunities I have today are only because of what my parents did and I don’t think I’d be here trying to live the American dream without their sacrifices.

I grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, went to UNC-Chapel Hill and still love any type of Southern cooking. I’ve been focused on financial services my entire career, starting in financial services investment banking at a boutique firm at the onset of the Great Financial Crisis. We were entrepreneurial, scrappy and it was fun to be there as things clicked.

Since then, I’ve been in private equity for ten years (JLL Partners and Pine Brook Partners). Our experience in forming BharCap during Covid-19 truly illustrates what differentiates our team. We know how to do hard things. And, for the most part, we do hard things without complaining. So, when it’s too tough for others, it’s just right for us.

I’m currently on the Board of TRIA, Better (observer), Fair Square and Belmont Green. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two kids and following all things Carolina-related (Panthers, Hornets and UNC).

Jim Rutherfurd

We will listen to investors and endeavor to be solution providers for them. I really like Bernard Baruch’s quote “Most successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.

I have been very fortunate to have had great opportunities and great mentors along the way. My family and my education provided me with great grounding in both the “book learning” of multiple academic disciplines and the ways to interact with others around me in a fair and respectful way.

I was particularly fortunate to have the opportunity to attend some great educational institutions. The course work was interesting and productive…and some of it even stuck; but I will remember those years most for the opportunity to play team sports – football, wrestling, crew and rugby. All of those sports provided discipline, a teamwork ethos, camaraderie and lots of fun.

My professional path has been varied – law, investment banking, private equity deals, private equity and private debt investor relations and communications. Over the 40 years in professional life so far, I have worked on hundreds of transactions totaling tens of billions of dollars – IPOs, debt financings, M&A deals, private equity and private debt investments. I have helped review thousands of investment opportunities and I have participated in thousands of investor meetings. I have delved into the operations of a wide variety of businesses from media and technology to financial services. Each phase of my career has built on the other in a way that helps me build a deep base of knowledge and look at problems from a variety of perspectives.

Samir Mohin

When you make up your mind to do good things, you will accomplish them if you follow through, no matter what the circumstances.

I moved to the United States from India as a teenager. Besides the usual high school challenges we have all faced, I had to rapidly overcome language and cultural barriers while assimilating to an unknown environment. The experience, at an early age, taught me determination to succeed, tenacity to overcome obstacles, flexibility to adapt, and above all, to never give up. Unknowingly, I was becoming an entrepreneur of sorts.

Professionally, I have had the privilege to be part of an entrepreneurial environment in my prior roles at Altpoint Capital, Gen II Fund Services, and Veronis Suhler Stevenson. Each financial services organization gave me the opportunity to diversify my financial and operational experience within private equity, venture capital, and credit platforms. Not to mention, allowed me to become a hands-on mentor and to rely on the power of my EQ. In my capacity, I provided support to investment teams and entrepreneurs in many aspects of business.

My passion and energy, combined with my experience, motivates me to build and grow an institutional quality operation. The best part of my role is to materialize operational ideas into reality and that might be why I enjoy it so much.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. When possible, I like traveling, bicycling, and actively practicing mindfulness and balanced living.

Kevin Becker

I’m excited to support founders and management teams as they scale their businesses into leading financial services firms. I learned early on in my career how vast and complex the financial services sector can be, and how ripe it is for innovation. I am always on the lookout for teams seeking the right partner for their next stage of growth.

I have spent eight years specializing in financial services, five of which have been on the private equity side. That said, I didn’t win my high school’s “most likely to succeed in financial services” superlative (I bet Ethan did). I started my career in the financial institutions group largely by chance – but, looking back, I’m glad I did.

I’ve seen first-hand how the complexity of financial services lends itself to creative problem solving and, for me, a more dynamic workday. I’ve found that it’s a sector never short of secular change or capital needs, and therefore never short of interesting investment opportunities. It’s exciting to dive deep into niches that I previously didn’t know existed.

At BharCap, we have the opportunity to work alongside a diverse team of experienced investors, former CEOs, and talented management teams in shaping the future of financial services. We’re entrepreneurial and creative and I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish over the next few years. When I’m not working, I enjoy tennis, skiing and playing pick-up soccer on NYC’s much-to-be-desired turf fields.

Ryan Gean

We are excited to partner with talented financial services entrepreneurs and help them build industry-leading businesses of tomorrow.

I have focused on financial services my entire career. I began in the financial institutions group at Barclays, after forming connections with people in the group who are now friends and mentors. Looking back, I can’t thank them enough for drawing me into financial services. What I love about this industry is the vast and ever-changing range of business models, endless opportunities for technological innovation, and abundant structuring complexities – all of which create an environment well-suited for our style of investing.

I continued to build financial services expertise as a private equity investor at Pine Brook Partners for five years. I worked closely alongside entrepreneurs as they assessed and grew their businesses in a variety of financial services sub-sectors. Now at BharCap, our team has accepted the next challenge – to be entrepreneurs ourselves. I have no doubt this will make us better investors as we continue to work with talented founders and management teams every day.

I’m currently on the Board of TRIA Capital Partners. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, trying to act young while skiing, snowboarding, and wakeboarding, and cheering on the Iowa Hawkeyes and Minnesota Vikings. I’m also passionate about supporting organizations that help families in need, such as Compassion International and Habitat for Humanity.